Frequently Asked Questions

“Women’s leadership in this critical time on earth is absolutely vital.”-Brooke Medicine Woman

Q: Who is the Moon Tribe?

A: The Moon Tribe is a group of women and teens who are leaders, healers and teachers in their communities. Each one feels called to help guide young women.

Q: What are Empowering Circles?

A: Empowering Circles are designed to create close connections and a safe container for young women to explore and express what they like, think and feel. Young women at this age often forgo independent thinking and self expression in order to fit in. This adds to lower self esteem that is prevalent at this age and makes them more vulnerable to outside influences that may not be in their best interest. Circles help young women realize that they share similar challenges to one another.

Q: How will The Moon Tribe help my daughters self-esteem?

A: Studies show that self-esteem drops drasticly between the end of elementary school and the begining of High School. Many young women never recover the strong sense of self they once had in elementary school. Media and peers have a huge influence on how a young teen acts and sees herself. Your daughter will learn how to be conscious of these influences, question them and consider other perspectives.

Q: What is 1:1 mentoring?

A: 1:1 mentoring is a way for young women to get personal attention for whatever is going on in their lives. The mentor provides support that is not in an authority positions, which creates a lot of opportunities for a young woman to open up, share and receive support. Young people benefit greatly from having an outlet to talk about anything, where they can feel heard and seen.

Q: When do Parenting classes and support groups meet?


Q: Skill Building


Q: Mentoring


learn how to quite and still the mind, listen so she can get guidance for her life.

Women working together stimulates oxcitocin, the feel good hormone, increasing happiness sharing and connection.

Practicing honoring, respecting and loving life.



Upcoming Events

  1. Weekly Empowerment Circle

    February 17 @ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  2. Weekly Empowerment Circle

    February 24 @ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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